Fountainhead Agro Farms Pvt Ltd (FAFPL)
Fountainhead Agro Farms Pvt Ltd (FAFPL)
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Our History

Fountainhead initiated the conventional fish farming of Indian Major Carps (IMC) at Mudhol, Karnataka (India) by converting the sugarcane fields to earthen ponds and drawing water through pipelines from the river. It specialized over the years to grow particular breed of IMC from seedling stage to full grown fish, most conducive to the water and soil properties of the established Site location spreading over 16 acres of land. 

Fountainhead in parallel developed the Mudhol Site Location with the extensive stretch of green Coconut Plantation with the special focus on the particular breed of Coconut, adhering to the climatic and geographical conditions of the Site location

Fountainhead is involved in the rearing of Doberman and German Shepherd dogs predominantly for the safety and security of the Site.

Fountainhead entered into Goat Farming with African Boers and Indian Breeds. Being continuously attentive to the health, hygiene, diet and habitat of goats, it mastered the goat rearing and expanding its herd.